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The video to the right is a message to THUKST and all its members, from the boys on their Humanoid City tour 2010! Press play to hear what they had to say!

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Georg’s Instagram

June 15th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

While Tom and Gustav still haven’t started to post pictures on their Instagram accounts Bill has been rather busy (check out all his pics including Tom, Pumba and more HERE) and Georg seems to be enjoying it as well. He also posted quite a few pictures already and recently published this adorable entry of himself and Gustav in a photo booth:

Georg Instagram

So make sure to also bookmark his Instagram account and follow him to not miss out: Georg’s Instagram

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Album Cover Shoot!

June 3rd, 2014 - General News, Pictures

Exciting news! Though news about the next Tokio Hotel album are only coming in drips and drops, there has been a rather exciting development… “Album Cover Shooting… Done!” Oh yes, it seems the guys have finished a photo shoot for the new album and you can get a little sneak peek of Bill posing in front of a camera in this blog update:


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Bill launches Instagram account

April 15th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

Besides the new Tokio Hotel blog being really active recently, the guys have also decided to all launch their own Instagram channels! Pretty cool news, eh? It’s great to see the band getting more and more active on social media and today Bill was the first to launch his Instagram account. Of course the first picture he posted was one with Pumba. We except many more of this little cute puppy to follow. ;) Click on the image…

2014 Apr 14 Bill launches Instagram account


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2014 Album Short Studio Teaser

April 5th, 2014 - General News

A lovely video teaser of the guys in the studio. They’re really getting us excited for the new album. :D

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New Tokio Hotel Blog

April 5th, 2014 - General News

Exciting news! TH have started to publish something on their website and the new blog is full of pictures which they will keep updating so make sure to keep an eye on it. You can also find a button for it in our sidebar.

 photo THBlogbuttonsidebar_zpse5f12061.jpg

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Happy Birthday, Georg!

March 31st, 2014 - General News, Pictures

It’s birthday time again! Today Georch celebrates his birthday and Tokio Hotel posted this picture of him to congratulate. All the best also from us at THUKST! <3 We hope he has a lovely day.

2014 Mar 31 Georg birthday pic post

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MTV Video Message for MMM 2014

March 14th, 2014 - General News, Voting

It’s this dreaded month full of madness again… yes, it’s March which means MTV is hosting its Musical March Madness tournament. The boys recorded a video message to encourage their Aliens to vote for them again this year, even though last year was quite a mess. Even Pumba, Bill’s new puppy, gets roped in to promote the voting and “Tokio Rangers” was already a worldwide Trending Topic on Twitter. :D Even better, Bill mentions that a new Tokio Hotel album will get released this year! Let’s hope so. ><

Thanks to @BTKTwinsArchive for uploading the video message to youtube because as always it wasn’t viewable for most Aliens on the MTV page.

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Another group pic – LA, March 2014

March 10th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

A little while ago, Gustav and Georg travelled to LA to work on the new album with the Bill and Tom and since Tokio Hotel are using their Twitter more often these days, they shared another lovely group picture including Pumba, Bill’s new puppy. It’s so great to seeing them together again and hopefully there’ll be more news “soon”. XD

great family traditions

great family traditions (source: @TokioHotel)

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The gang is back together again – March 2014, LA

March 4th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

Georg and Gustav flew to LA to work with Bill and Tom on the new Tokio Hotel album and the band shared a first picture of all four of them having lunch together. We can practically hear Georg’s laughter in this fantastic snap. <3

The crew at lunch (source: @TokioHotel)

The crew at lunch (source: @TokioHotel)

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Together again in LA

February 28th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

Gustav and Georg made their way to LA to reunite with the twins again! That’s awesome news and we’re all super excited that they’ll be together again and that also means work on the new album will get done. Yay!

And look what Gustav put on the studio wall once they got there. Adorable. :D

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