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The video to the right is a message to THUKST and all its members, from the boys on their Humanoid City tour 2010! Press play to hear what they had to say!

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Tokio Hotel feature on Rockplaylister.com (UK)

November 30th, 2014 - General News, UK News

Check out an interesting feature on UK website Rockplaylister.com debating the question “Are Tokio Hotel ready to return to the UK” here: http://www.rockplaylister.com/are-tokio-hotel-ready-to-return-the-the-uk/

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October 7th, 2014 - Competition, General News

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Aliens, remember to get involved in the #TokioHotelAlienInvasion fan action to request Tokio Hotel’s new single Love Who Loves You Back on radio and TV stations around the world. Not only will you help to promote the single and spread the TH love, you can also earn points and be with a chance to win great prizes, e.g. a flightcase # 483 (with CDs etc) or one of the limited Super Deluxe editions of the new album Kings of Suburbia! Please take part and also spread the word about this fan action wherever you can.

All details HERE.

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Radio SAW gig – 5th Oct 2014, Magdeburg

October 5th, 2014 - General News, Pictures

Today Tokio Hotel played an intimate acoustic live set at Magdeburg’s SAW radio station. SAW already shared a few snippets and will publish more interview parts and gig footage tomorrow but the full interview will be published on Saturday.

There are many pictures to look at in Radio SAW’s photo gallery HERE.


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Love Who Loves You Back – sneak peek

September 30th, 2014 - General News

Tokio Hotel will finally premiere the video for their first Single “Love Who Loves You Back” on Tuesday, 30th September 2014, and JoJo Wright just posted a brief sneak peek video piece on his Instagram HERE.

Once the video has premiered their will be an annoucement from other official FCs and us with regards to a fan project/competition so keep your eyes peeled for that. ;)

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Tokio Hotel mini gig at Radio SAW/Magdeburg

September 26th, 2014 - General News, Translation

Fantastic news! Not only will Tokio Hotel return to play a mini gig at their home area of Magdeburg but also 22 very lucky fans will be able to be there for it. Radio SAW has the band coming to their station on 5th October where they will play a few songs from their new album “Kings of Suburbia”. The lucky fans who can attend  will also get autographs and photos with the band.

Here’s a German trailer message posted by Radio SAW for the event with some information and Bill talking:


It’s the comeback of the year! And now the sensation: they’ll celebrate their live comeback in their hometown at Radio SAW.

Bill: Hey, we are Tokio Hotel. We’re celebrating our new album “Kings of Suburbia” live and you’ll be there with us.

On Sunday, 5th October, they’re giving a very small, exclusive and intimate concert for SAW listeners, just for you!

Bill: This will be a very special live session for us.

Followed by autographs and of course also pictures with you. You can’t buy tickets for this special live experience but can only win them with Radio SAW’s “Ticket Alarm” and also on radiosaw.de.

Bill: We’ll see each other live at the Radio SAW concert for listeners.

Tokio Hotel. We’re getting the super stars to the SAW country for you.

Bill: Radio SAW sounds like home for us.

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JoJo Wright Interview – Part 2

September 23rd, 2014 - General News

JoJo Wright published the 2nd part of his interview with Tokio Hotel in which they’re talking about their song “Girl Got A Gun”.

Check out the article on JoJo’s website. Also like the video on YouTube and please leave him some nice comments:

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“Girl Got A Gun” video

September 23rd, 2014 - General News

Finally it’s here, the video to Tokio Hotel’s second song teaser from the upcoming album “Kings of Suburbia”: Girl Got A Gun

The director also posted an uncensored version if you’re interested: HERE

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Der Spiegel, Issue 39 – “Kiss me” (TRANSLATION)

September 23rd, 2014 - General News, Pictures, Translation

The current issue of German magazine “Der Spiegel” features a very interesting article about Tokio Hotel. It talks about the their new video for their first single “Love who loves you back” which will be released this Friday. However, another very interesting part of the article is about the twins’ move to LA and what led to it. It’s can be a bit heart-breaking to read how bad the situation had gotten for them but the main thing is that they had the opportunity to find peace for a while to enjoy life, re-charge their batteries and are back! <3

Read the full translation HERE.

Der Spiegel, Issue 39, 22nd September 2014

Kiss me

(German original text by Sonja Hartwig, photos by Robert Gallagher/Der Spiegel)

Bill in LWLYB video scene picture: Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz at a shooting in Los Angeles: “Slightly tongue-violated”

Bill and Tom individual pictures: Musicians Bill, Tom Kaulitz: “We do what we want.”

Pop [music] – They were teen stars from a village near Magdeburg. As mega stars they fled to Los Angeles. And nowadays?

Bill kisses. Subject, predicate. Simple sentence, however, the act itself is complicated. “I’ve never kissed anyone on camera before”, says Bill, “I’m utterly shy.”

Shooting the first scene for the video of Tokio Hotel’s new single in Los Angeles: Bill Kaulitz sits in the middle of the sofa, to his right the brunette, to his left the blonde, behind him the redhead and all around [him] young, pretty, half-naked people, all tightly entangled, all kissing.


Read the full translation HERE.

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JoJo Wright Interview – part 1

September 18th, 2014 - General News, THTV

US radio presenter JoJo Wright kept his word and tried hard to get an interview with Tokio Hotel. As the Gs are currently in LA and they’re all doing interviews as a band, they also stopped by at JoJo’s. You might remember that he interviewed the guys some years ago when they were touring and promoting in the US and it was a lot of fun. This time he also asked fans to tweet him questions which he then asked the guys. So far he posted a first part on his website, just to talk about the upcoming album in general and the questions will follow in a seperate video/s.

JoJo also shared a little teaser video about the interview with the guys on his Instagram a couple of days ago.

This is an exciting week. There has been a new THTV episode on Wednesday about the Making Of of “Run Run Run” and this Friday the will publish another song from the album “Kings of Suburbia” with a video! Next Friday they will do the same with the first lead single of the album which will be released on 3rd October 2014 in Germany. It has also been confirmed that they will appear on German show “Wetten dass?!” on 4th October 2014 so we an assume they will all be flying back together to Germany and hopefully a few more interviews etc. will follow in their home country (and native language^^).

Bill got the boss chair. XD Don’t forget to share the video, click “thumps up” and comment. Also tweet JoJo a thanks. :)

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TH answered fan questions

September 18th, 2014 - General News

A few days ago TH told fans to tweet questions which they picked a few from and posted the answers on their Facebook page:

You asked about RUN, RUN, RUN – here are our answers:

Bill, what inspired your look for this video?
Bill: The song itself. The pureness and the simplicity. I always wanted to work with my close friend Gianluca Fellini who is a very talented artist and for that video i knew we would see eye to eye. It was the perfect symbiosis and we created something great together. The shoes were my idea though

Is this the lead single of the new album?
: The lead single is gonna be the third one we release….the third video you guys gonna see. I am so excited for that song and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Where are Georg and Gustav in the Run, Run, Run video?
: Georg and Gustav are gonna be in the video for the actual lead single. Of course! They didn’t participate in the Run shoot simply because there is no other instrument than the piano. They loved the video though… we are all happy with it.
Tom: For us as a band it’s not about ego or who is most on the screen or any of that shit. We always want to create what’s best for the band and what we love. There is no such thing as fighting about who is in the video or who is not. The same is the case for the artwork or album cover….it’s about the art and what feels right.


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