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New Single available on iTunes UK!

October 1st, 2014 - Instagram, THUKST Tasks, UK News

Tokio Hotel’s new single Love Who Loves You Back is available to be bought on iTunes UK. In years, this is the first time new music is available for us in the UK together with the rest of the world so take the opportunity and buy. Also spread the word about it, get street teaming, UK fans. :)
Get Love Who Loves You Back on itunes UK HERE

Currently the popularity bar on iTunes UK is full for the song and that’s how we want to keep it!

2014 Sep 30 LWLYB popularity iTunes UK

LWLYB popularity on iTunes UK – 30th Sep 2014

Tokio Hotel even posted on their Facebook page about their new music being available for download in the UK. Like and share their post if you haven’t done so yet. Also leave a comment so they know how super happy we are about this:

Bill also posted a picture on his Instagram! Please also go and like/comment this to show him how much we appreciate it.

2014 Sep 30 Bill Instagram re UK iTunes
And last but not least: remember to get involved in the worldwide fan project to get LWLYB some radio/TV airplay. Use ALL “TWEET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY” options daily and increase your points to be in with a chance to win some cool prizes e.g. a Limmited Super Deluxe edition of the new album, “Kings of Suburbia”. Details HERE

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#TokioHotelAlienInvasion fanaction/competition

September 30th, 2014 - Competition, THUKST Tasks
The Deluxe version of Kings of Suburbia is available for pre-order in the UK iTunes store and the new single “Love Who Loves You Back” can already be bought! This is super exciting news for the UK so make sure to buy TH’s new music, Aliens. This is our opportunity!!!
Kings of Suburbia HERE
Love Who Loves You Back HERE
And even better, get Tokio Hotel some radio/TV airplay and win something along the way! :D

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Show your force worldwide and support the band! Here’s how you can win a postcard that has been TOUCHED and SIGNED by Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav or a Flightcase!

CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/1uz88bQ

How it works:

1) This contest is open to Tokio Hotel fans of all ages WORLDWIDE!

2) Earn points by using all the TWEET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY options.
STEP 1: Make sure you are logged on to your Twitter account.
STEP 2: Click on Tweet. If the characters exceed limit, delete the link at the end of the tweet (it’s not highlighted) before posting your tweet.
STEP 3: Click on View it on Twitter to make sure you have really tweeted the message.
STEP 4: Copy the link of your post on Twitter and insert it in the widget under Paste in the tweet URL
STEP 5: Click on I TWEETED
STEP 6: Do this for ALL TWEET ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY options! The more points you get from tweeting every day, the higher chances of winning! All you have to do is tweet again the next day — just click on EDIT for each tweet option, click TWEET, submit the new tweet URL and click on I TWEETED again. Make it your daily habit to earn more points!

3) Winners will be picked randomly from the top point earners.

4) Contest duration is from September 30, 8PM Berlin time to November 30, 8PM Berlin time.

5) Winners will be announced by sponsoring official fan clubs on December 5, 8PM Berlin time.

6) Winners will be contacted by sponsoring official fan clubs via Twitter for coordination.

Good luck! Viel Erfolg!

* This worldwide contest for Tokio Hotel fans is sponsored by Universal Music France and Germany, Band Management, and the official fan clubs of the following countries (duly recognized and made official originally by Band Management and/or their respective local labels): Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom.

* If your countries’ top radio stations are not included in the list, please ask your local official fan club to coordinate with any of the sponsoring official fan clubs to be included at least a week after the formal request has been submitted and approved.

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NEW TH music available in the UK!

September 30th, 2014 - THUKST Tasks, UK News

The Deluxe version of Kings of Suburbia is available for pre-order in the UK iTunes store and the new single “Love Who Loves You Back” can already be bought! This is super exciting news for the UK so make sure to buy TH’s new music, Aliens. This is our opportunity!!!
Kings of Suburbia HERE

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“Love who loves you back” ringtone available in UK!

September 26th, 2014 - THUKST Tasks, UK News

UK fans, yes, the new Tokio Hotel music is still not available in the UK (other than imports) BUT UK fan Whitney discovered this morning that the new single “Love who loves you back” is available as a ringtone on iTunes UK! Everyone who has an account should get it, please. Maybe it’s a way of showing that people are interested in the band and their new music could also be made available.

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THUKST’s 6th anniversary!

May 30th, 2013 - Competition, THUKST Tasks

 photo 6thAnniversaryBanner525blackborder_zps36ffb7af.png

If THUKST had a slogan, what should it be?

This May we’re celebrating THUKST’s 6th anniversary and especially so on this day as on 23rd May 2007 we launched our very first online platform (on MySpace).

Another year has passed and of course this means there are prizes for you to win. It’s just a little thank you from us for your continuous support and for being a part of this family. Thank you! Vielen Dank!

FIRST is a prize give-away on Twitter this evening that starts at 8pm UK time and is open to Aliens worldwide. Keep an eye on @TokioHotelUKST to know what to win and what to retweet when using #THUKSTanniversary

Edit: Twitter give-away is over now. Thanks to everyone who took part.^^

SECOND is a little competition (we know many of you are still busy with exams^^) open to all the Aliens from the UK and Ireland only.

In our six years of Street Team history we’ve never had a slogan for THUKST which brings us to the competition question and task:

“If THUKST had a slogan, what should it be?”

Email (tokiohoteluk@gmail.com) us your fun suggestions of what you think our slogan should be, if we had one. Use “THUKST 6th Anniversary” as the subject and also include your name, age and what part of the UK/Ireland you’re from.


  • open to UK/Ireland fans only
  • You can submit up to five slogan suggestions.
  • The slogan needs to be relevant to Tokio Hotel and THUKST/Britain.
  • Behave! XD Nothing inappropriate and too naughty (remember, the slogan would be something that represents THUKST not only to the wider TH fandom but the world in general).
  • By entering the competition and submitting a slogan, you are giving your permission for THUKST to use (and make public) your slogan during and at any time after the competition has ended. Who knows, we might end up adopting one of them permanently ;)
  • Make it funny, catchy, recognisable, relevant.
  • Deadline: 11.59pm UK time on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013.

PRIZE Package will include:

  • 1 x poster of your choice from a selection*
  • 1 x 2 track single CD of “Automatisch” (with alternative “Automatic” lyrics that weren’t used for the song printed in the CD sleeve)
  • 1 x magazine of your choice from a selection*
  • 1 x rare door hanger used for UK promotion in 2007

*to avoid giving you something you might already have

(Click “read more” for details of the Twitter give-away we did on 23rd May.)

Read more…

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Christmas Card Challenge 2012 [competition]

December 31st, 2012 - Competition, THUKST Tasks

Update: There have been so many fantastic entries that the FCs are finding it hard to decide on the winners so we’ll need some extra time. XD Sorry to make you wait a bit longer but the winners will definitely be announced later this coming weekend. Aliens’ creativity is just awesome! <3 We’ll keep you posted.^^

2012 Xmas Comp by Fanclubs

Ho Ho Ho! ’Tis the time to be jolly again! We’re feeling very festive this year and want you to get in the spirit together with us and the rest of the Tokio Hotel fandom from all over the world (in case you’re not already in the mood). 2012 has been rather quiet for the fandom so with your help we want to make this year’s Christmas Competition a really big and fun one. We Tokio Hotel Fanclubs have done our part and have secured some pretty amazing prizes and collectibles for you guys to win. Now it’s your turn to show us your festive side and creativity. To do so you get to customise your competition entry to your fan heart’s content. All you have to do is design your very own Christmas card and make it Tokio Hotel themed! Sounds good? Then get out the coloured papers, festive stickers/decorations, glitter and glue and create the most fabulous Tokio Hotel themed Christmas card we have ever seen!

Click “read more” for all the information and details you need!
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VOTE for a THUKST Meet Up date!

June 14th, 2012 - THUKST News, THUKST Tasks, Voting

Hey UK Aliens, we’ve decided to plan a THUKST meet up this year and would love to see as many of you as possible get involved with it and hopefully to meet you there. :)

First step is to decide a date so if you want to have you say when the meet up in London should be held, head over to our forum HERE and vote for the date (or dates) that would suit you best. Please also share the link and spread the word so that we can reach lots of UK fans who might want to join a meet up.


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MTV O Music Awards Voting

May 24th, 2012 - THUKST Tasks, Voting

Well-done so far, Aliens! We have been nominated for “Fan Army FTW” again at the MTV O Music Awards. As MTV are set to make this a record-breaking awards ceremony it would be even more amazing to win this category for a third time! Can we do it? Let`s vote hard. XD Remember that we got a super lovely thank you video from the twins each time for the last two wins. ;)

The competition is tough again but let`s do our best! Click the image below to start voting and get involved!

Spread the word and most importantly: please exceed your daily votes via Twitter and Facebook. Happy voting!^^

Also, here’s a little tip! When you’re signed in make sure that you go to your Super Fan profile and add Tokio Hotel in the Fan Army FTW category to your “picks” so that other people can vote for your pick from your Super Fan profile and you’ll earn extra points! Even better: if you have more than one Twitter account that you can use for voting, take advantage of them and get even more Super Fan points (which means bigger voting limit)! E.g. sign in with your Twitter account #1, add TH to your picks on your Super Fan profile, exceed your votes, log out. Sign in with your Twitter account #2, go to #1’s Super Fan profile and vote for TH via “Vote for my picks”. That way account #2 still exceeds their daily votes, gets their points and also adds points to #1’s Super Fan profile for voting for their pick.^^


“If I Die Tomorrow” UK release (21st May 2012)

May 20th, 2012 - General News, THUKST Tasks

Far East Movement’s album “Dirty Bass” will be released in the UK tomorrow (21st May 2012) and that means their collaboration song with Bill “If I die tomorrow” will also be available for purchase. As you’re probably aware, we don’t get many chances to buy UK releases involving Tokio Hotel so this is a great opportunity for us UK fans to get involved in UK sales. You have to remember that there is still a big chance we might not get a UK release of Tokio Hotel’s next album (as none of their previous albums have been released here) and therefore we have to seize any opportunity we can get to show that there is a UK fanbase! So please make sure you BUY Bill’s collaboration song “If I die tomorrow” and show support for him and Tokio Hotel’s fanbase in the UK! Please also spread the word to all your fellow UK Aliens!


“If I die tomorrow”, released on 21st May 2012, will be available on:

HMVdigital.com for £0.99 (select the song from the track list)

Amazon.co.uk for £0.89

iTunes UK for £0.99 (select the song from the tracklist)

We suggest to buy the song from each site if you want to buy it more than once to support it more.  If you have family members and friends with accounts on HMV, iTunes and/or Amazon UK ask them if you can get the song through their accounts as well if you want to buy it several times. ;)

Currently the song is the second most popular from the album on UK iTunes!^^


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“Ready, Set, Go!” UK release anniversary!

August 27th, 2011 - THUKST Tasks


27th August marks the anniversary of Tokio Hotel’s one and only UK release ever (so far!) and besides having our anniversary competition where you could be the lucky winner of a 7” Vinyl Limited UK Edition of RSG.

Like last year when we did the download week 2010 you can still download “Ready, Set, Go!” on this special day by clicking the thumbnails below:

[image] [image] [image]

Let’s also request the song on radio. If any radio stations have a song by Tokio Hotel it is this one! So request “Ready, Set, Go!” with your local radio stations, Kerrang! radio and BBC Radio 1. Let everyone know it’s the anniversary and we would love to hear the song get some airplay. Even though it’s the only UK music release by Tokio Hotel we have gotten in four years, we still haven’t given up hope that we’ll be included in their future “worldwide” music releases without being left out time and time again!

Also include @UMusicuk (Universal Music UK) in your tweets so they can see the feedback if you’re tweeting about this.

BBC Radio One

BBC Radio 1’s Request Show is aired on Saturday 4pm till 7pm, a prime time to get Tokio Hotel noticed!

You can request the song on Facebook here by mentioning the anniversary and asking nicely for “Ready, Set, Go!” by Tokio Hotel. They have a theme this Saturday which is “what song gives you goosebumps”. We’re sure you can think of a few reasons to justify a request for RSG  other than it being the anniversary.^^ (Please note that you have to “like” their FB page to post a comment.)

And last but not least you can request it on the BBC Radio One’s website: Here. (One request has already be sent so let’s add a few more!)

Kerrang! Radio

First, Facebook! Add K! Radio’s Facebook page and request “Ready, Set, Go!”.
Second, you can also send them a few tweets @kerrangradio

If you’re feeling extra giddy about all this requesting, send a text as well! (Network Charges do apply and the base rate is 25p).

The text number is 64100 and you start your text message with a K followed by Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel.

So that is:
K Ready Set Go by Tokio Hotel!

You can listen to Kerrang! radio online HERE.

EDIT: Also tweet @romeoindemand with requests for RSG! Thanks to@KielierTwins for letting us know. :D

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